Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 17, 2017
B day

Hello Wonder Fans,

I remember when I was your age, I would get sick and have to stay home from school.  I secretly hated it, because the truth is, I really liked school.  Guess what?  It's the same for me as an adult...I am so very sad that I can't be here today.  Please do your very best work.  Enjoy the ending of Wonder...I can't wait to see the movie with most of you on Sunday!

Please move your stick to bringing and wash your hands.  Next, partner up and take your spelling test.  When you are done, please put your test in my mailbox and steal a few minutes to read.

Mrs. Harvey
Today's homework:
Spelling activity

bring food for food drive
1/2 day tomorrow
lessons tomorrow
November 16, 2017
A day

Hello Super Kids,

Did I tell you how impressed I am with your presence yesterday?  I thought you were all really great: inquisitive, polite and working with zest!  Thanks for being your awesome self!

Please come in, order your lunch and wash your hands.  Next, you should update your reading status and turn in your spelling homework.  After that, please start thinking about what you learned yesterday.  You might even want to make a list in your learning log of what you liked and learned about the Hunting Lodge!

Mrs. Harvey

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Iroquois Day 2017

     Today, we spent a day at the main campus to kick off our Iroquois unit.  The wise leaders from Earth Spirit took the students through three stations: Iroquois games and folklore, Culture through artifacts and Hunting Lodge.  It was great to see students engaged in competitive play, inquisitive thinking and good old-fashioned hard labor!  The students seemed to enjoy themselves and learn a lot!  Stay tuned for more pictures and our Hunting Lodge acrostic poems!

Learning some Iroquois folklore with "Grizzly.

Students were anxious to share their ideas.

The Iroquois woman played the violent game of Double Ball.

Mr. Scott always amazes and informs us with authentic artifacts. 

We made delightful music together. 

Those who didn't have an Iroquois instrument,
 used their own!

We were excited to head outside to build an authentic hunting lodge.

Mr. John gave us some background on the hunting needs. 

This was the lodge before we did our leaf work.

The students were terrific workers!

Today's Homework:
Spelling activity

food for food drive
P/T form

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 15, 2017
F Day

Hello Lodge Builders,

Today will be a memorable day.  Please move your stick to bringing and wash your hands.  It will be a fast morning, so please hustle to your desk.  Once you and at least one other person get there, please start working on the Iroquois acrostic poem.  You should work as a group to write a phrase for each letter.  The phrases should be thoughts and predictions about what today will entail.  Try to be detailed and creative!  You should also try to include everyone's thoughts!

You will get lined up shortly.  Your poem should be finished by the time you get lined up!

Mrs. Harvey
Today's homework:
Spelling activity
Be dressed for the weather
Bring a lunch