Friday, September 28, 2012

Homework for Tonight:

return chorus slip
return forms

September 28, 2012

Good morning Readers,

This morning I will take a look at your "Books Read" list.  Please make sure it is updated with any books that you have finished this month!  It was great to see so many of your parents last night at Open House.  They were like you: good listeners and asked good questions!

Please wash, read, order and update your status.  Next, I would like you to pick up your ipad.  Using the Doodle Buddy app, please design a background that can be used for your ipad.  It should include the number of your ipad.

___________, ____________ and ____________ will share!

Mrs. Harvey

Thursday, September 27, 2012

                                                                                  September 27, 20112

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking time to come to tonight’s Open House.  I look forward to discussing our classroom routines and expectations. 
Please visit the different tables in the room to sign up for various tasks.  The parent/teacher conference form is on the back table.  Please sign up for a time to discuss your child’s progress.  The front table has Room Parent/Volunteer information on it.  Please consider being a room parent or a volunteer in some capacity.  Your children are not too old to have you involved at school!  Please be sure to find your child’s poem on the side table or on the window sill.!
I will be referring to my web page tonight.  You might want to jot down the address.  It is .  I will begin shortly.  I appreciate your patience!


                                                          Melinda Harvey

Homework for Tonight:

DMP p. 8
Handwriting p. 20-21

Spelling activity

bring library card, return slip, return sale info

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 27, 2012

Dear Class,

I am looking forward to talking with your parents at tonight's Open House.  I am curious to know what information you think I should share with them!

Please wash, read the message and order your lunch.  Your first written job is to update your reading status.  Next, please complete page 4 in your Practice Companion.  Finally, please steal a few minutes to read!

Brianna, _Charity_____, and ____________________ will share this morning!

Mrs. Harvey
 Today we learned...
The equator is also known as  lattitude.  (Sophie)
The equator cuts the world into two parts.  (Ellie)
the lines of lattitude and longitude.  (Gabby)
Mrs. Winiecki dances helps to remember east to west.  (Cyara)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 26, 2012

Hello Adverb Advocates,

I hope you are well today!  I have been thinking creatively about how quickly we can accomplish our plentiful work.  (Can you tell I am trying hard to use adverbs?!). We will swiftly use the incredibly awesome iPads to do some typing; I think you will enjoy that task.

Please wash your hands, read the message and order your lunch.  Next, please update your reading status.  Finally, please pick up your iPad.  I would like you to experiment with the camera app.  Take a good picture of yourself smiling happily.  Once you have a charming picture, please work on your identity tiles!

____________, _____________, _______________ will share.  I hope to start morning meeting by 8:00.  Thank you for working efficiently!

Mrs. Harvey

P.s. How many adverbs did you find?

 Today we learned...

*equivalent names for numbers.  (Megan)
50 + 50  (Sam)
50 x 2 (Ellie)
20 + 30 + 50 (Gabby)
*a game called Name that Number  (Sofie)
*adverb are words that describe verbs (Sam)
*what the word heritage means (Megan)

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 25, 2012

Good morning, Number Namers,

     Today we will work through another round of Math Workshop.  I have a new game to teach you called Name that Number.  It will be a fun challenge for many of you.
     _Sophie, _Sofie_ and _Ellie____will share today.  Please wash your hands, order your lunch and read the message.  Next, I need you to put a full heading on a piece of loose leaf paper.  Pair up with a partner and give each other a spelling test using your spelling contract.  When your test is over, please update your reading status!
     You have a lot of morning work to do. Please get started right away!

Mrs. Harvey

Today's word observation word:  generation
This is the 15th day of school!

 Today we learned...
*some numbers are for counting.  (Gabby)
 *how to use our spelling contracts.  (Ryan B.)
Our morning easel routine with Math and Word Observations

Homework for Tonight:
finish spelling activity
Studylink 2.1
DMP p. 6
Handwriting, p16-17

Share blog with your family
library card
return chorus letter

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 24, 2012

Happy Monday,

     I am happy to see you today!  __________________, ______________ and ______________ will share.  I look forward to hearing from all of you about what you did this weekend!   Please wash your hands, order your lunch and read the message.  From there, I need you to update your reading status.
     Today, you will experience a new routine called Math Workshop.  I think you will enjoy the independence this routine brings! I am also excited to share a Poetry Pause with you after Phys. Ed.  It will be a busy day!
     You are reading the message this morning via my new blog.  You can find it online at  I hope you will share this site with your family.  This will be a great place to record our learning, share our writing and celebrate your growth as fourth graders.
     After your reading status is updated, please get an iPad out to practice your math facts.  We will have a timed subtraction test right after morning meeting.

Mrs. Harvey

Today's word observation: heritage
We have been in school for: 14 days