Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome to 4th Grade! Video Post

If you are reading this post, then you have recently received a letter from me introducing myself as your fourth grade teacher.  I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.  You can use this blog to learn more about me and our classroom.  View the videos below to find out about different facets of fourth grade.

Brianna and Sophie introduce Morning Meeting.


Charlie and Joey explain our A through F day schedule.

Jacob and Laura entertain with facts about the special areas while Jacob and Owen give details about the Reading Wall of Fame.  

Sam and Charlie describe the Daily 4 routine.

Charlie and Analee inform you of Band, Chorus and Orchestra opportunities.

Cyara and Evan offer great advice about using lockers.  

Even More Welcome Videos

Megan and Sofia describe Social Studies and Science.

More Welcome videos

Carlos explains our ACTS menu used during Math workshop.

Ryan and Ellie describe how we work with Mrs. Winiecki, another fourth grade teacher.

Happy Last day, Fourth Graders!
I won't be able to call you that tomorrow!  Welcome to your last day of fourth grade. I hope we can have a fun day together.  I will be here a little later.  I wouldn't dream of missing your last day!

Please take care of your three jobs and then complete math box 11.1  When that is done, make sure the following jobs are done: 

  • typing realistic fiction story
  • coloring your award
  • finishing your bookmark
When that is all done, you may walk around and get your yearbook signed.

Be on your best behavior this morning.  You wouldn't want to miss the picnic!  _Sofie S________ will lead morning meeting.  Evan will share. 

Mrs. Harvey

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Beach day tomorrow!
Bring sneakers

Dear Students,

"How did it get so late so soon?
It is night before it's noon
It's December before it's June.
How did it get so late so soon?"
Dr. Suess

I love this quote by Dr. Suess; it really sums up for me how quickly time passes!  I can't believe tomorrow is our last day together!  It's been a great year for me.  I hope you feel the same!

Please do your three jobs.  Next, complete PC p. 215.  When that is done, I need you to work on your Award and your #of books sign.

Evan, _chuck p____, and _Laura______ will share at _____Joey______'s meeting.

Mrs. Harvey

Monday, June 17, 2013


Remind parents of Awards Ceremony 1:15 our classroom

Bring sneakers for Wednesday
Beach day is Wednesday
Happy Monday!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  I am looking forward to spending a few more days with you this week.  I feel like we have a lot to wrap up.  Thank you in advance for your focus!

Please begin by washing your hands, ordering your lunch and reading this message.  Next, pick up our new (and last) poem.  Read through it a few times.  This is a poem for two voices.  Find a partner to read it with.  I will have some of you perform the poem for us before morning meeting.  

Next, please take out your PC.  I would like you to work on pages 223-224.  We will go over these pages shortly.

_Ellie____ will lead morning meeting.  ____Owen______, __Sophie_______ and _cyara_______ will share.

Mrs. Harvey

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome Pioneer Children,

I can't wait to see you in your pioneer day garb!  I am looking forward to a fun day of learning with you.  Please put your name on your pioneer square and store this in the plastic pocket of your planner.  You will need this later!

I am glad to see that you had a decent day yesterday.  Thank you for helping Mrs. Camillo with the plastic bins.  This morning, after you wash, read and order (you shouldn't have to order, but if you forgot your lunch go ahead!)  please think about how you sharpen the saw.  I would like you to write your idea for taking care of your mind, body and soul on a post it note.  We will share these at morning meeting.  Once that is done, please work in your New York book. I am hoping to have a few of you cut your pictures.  I will call you when it's your turn.

Mrs. Harvey

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good morning,

As you know, I am not able to be with you today.  My expectations of respectful behavior are higher than ever.  I know I can count on all of you to work hard and be kind today!

Mr. Fenz will be here this morning so no one will lead morning meeting. After you have washed your hands, ordered your lunch and read this message, please pick up the thank you card you made.  You will hand this to Mr.Fenz as a greeting!  While you wait, please work in your purple NY book.  

Mrs. Harvey 
PC page

possible creek walk

bring white tshirt by Thursday
bring apple by Thursday
prepare for pioneer
Hi Scrappers,

Maybe you are not a scrapbooker yet, but I am hoping that by the end of the day, you will be an official "scrapper."  I am looking forward to documenting our memories together!

Please take care of your three jobs.  Next, please make an invitation for your parents.  This invitation is for our Awards Ceremony that is happening next week.  Be sure to include the following information:

You're invited to an Awards Ceremony
June 18th
Room 19

Be neat and creative in your invitation! 

Mrs. Harvey

Monday, June 10, 2013

Practice companion p.188
finish Mumford paragraph 

Bring white t-shirt
Bring an apple for Thursday

prepare for Pioneer Day

Marketplace tonight 6:30-8:00

Testing our Puppet Pal Videos

Today, I am learning how to upload your puppet pal videos so others can see them!  Stay tuned for more videos!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Field Trip Day!

I am excited to visit the Genesee Country Museum with you today. We will leave at 8:45.  Until then, we have a few things to accomplish.

To begin, please read the message and wash your hands.  Please also put your stick under the "bringing" label.  I know you're not bringing, but this will count as your attendance!  As you are up, put your lunch in the correct bag.  Next, please complete the top half of the paper I gave you.  Finally, with a partner, read about physical and chemical weathering on pages 264-265 in your Science book.

Carlos_______ will lead morning meeting and __gabby______, ___Jacob D._______ and _Ryan A______ will share.

Mrs. Harvey 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello Busy Bees!

Today is our busy B day.  Please get started by returning your library books.  After you read the message and wash your hands, please make sure Mathbox 10.5 is finished from yesterday.

Next, I would like you to continue practicing Greek and Latin roots.  You will use phon, photo, spec/vid, sign, graph and mot to complete PC page 31.  Once that is finished, you can enjoy some reading time.  I will be around to check your books read for May.

Our schedule is a little different due to a "field" test you have to take.  This is NOT a test outside in the field, it is a practice test so NYS can determine if its questions are fair or not.

Mrs. Harvey

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finish thank you note

look for pioneer outfit
bring white t-shirt
remind Mom and Dad to check email

Work on S.S.project
Hello Friendly Kids,

Today will be a fun day.  We will start with a visit from Mr. Fenz.  He will be here at 8:00 so do not delay in starting your morning work.  Wash your hands, order your lunch and read the message like usual.  Next, please make a thank you card for Mr. Fenz.  Be sure to let him know what specific things you have enjoyed about his time with you this year.

Get busy....he will be here soon!

Mrs. Harvey

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Math page
finish rough draft

OK money
Book club meets tomorrow
Hi Plant Experts,

Today you will get your Plant test back.  I am very pleased with how most of you did.  You are very knowledgeable about plant growth, despite our failed plants!

_Evan__________ will lead morning meeting.  _____Sophie____,_Sofie_______ and __Owen______ will share.  We will start morning meeting at 8:00, so please be efficient with your morning work.  You need to read, order and wash your hands.  Next, please pull out your math homework.  Finally, please practice with greek and latin roots on PC pages 31 and 79.

We have a new word this month.  If time allows, read page 116 in your planner to learn more about "Sharpen the Saw."


Monday, June 3, 2013

PC page 160
Study link 10.3

money for Oklahoma
Good morning,

I hope you are well today!  Please get started on your three jobs.  I have a new poem for you.  Please read through that and put it in your poetry folder. 

Today, you will take the NYS Science test.  This will include multiple choice and short answer questions.  I hope you use your test taking strategies and work carefully.

We will get started right after the announcements.  Therefore, we will not be having a morning meeting. After reading your poem, please sharpen your pencils and use the bathroom.

Mrs. Harvey