Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Spelling Suggestions:
perishable     Laela    Hanukkah   Chanukah
ornament      Noel      Emmanuel  consequences
weird    Nutcracker

Today's homework:
Spelling activity
bring snow clothes

bring Christmas book
December 12, 2017
E day

Good Morning Snow Bunnies,

I am glad to see you today!  I hope you enjoyed your snow day yesterday!  _Claire______, Brendan_______ and Alex_________ will share a Christmas book today.

Please get yourself organized and order your lunch.  You should also wash your hands.  Next, please read the new poem.  Finally, please get your spelling pre-test page set up.  I hope to start the test in 10 minutes!

Mrs. Harvey

Friday, December 8, 2017

Today's homework:
share poetry folder

bring a Christmas book
gather non-fiction books
December 8, 2017
C day

Hello Snow Bunnies,

I hope you got outside yesterday and played a little.   I also hope we can get out there today during recess!

Please order your lunch and wash your hands.  Next, you should take a picture that represents your learning from this week.  When that is done, please steal a few minutes to enjoy EPIC.  I'd love for you to find a few non-fiction books to add to your list!

_____Bella______, _Gianna Dentico _______ and Mrs. Harvey will share a Christmas book.

Mrs. Harvey

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Today's homework:
Spelling activity

book order due Friday
bring Christmas book
December 7, 2017
B day

Good Morning,

Thank you for being here today!  I know the snow is exciting.  Please use that excitement to get your day started!  I need you to order your lunch and wash your hands.

____Jonah _____, Sophia_________ and _________ will share today.  Please update your reading status.  You should also turn in your spelling homework and any notes you have.  Once that is done, please find your personal narrative in your writing folder.  Please spend some time revising and editing that piece of work.  I am hoping that some of
you can start typing that today.

Mrs. Harvey

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017
A day

Happy Wednesday,

I hope you enjoyed your 1/2 day yesterday.  __Gianna,  Matthew_____, ______ and ______ will share today.  Please order your lunch and wash your hands.  Then, please update your reading status.  Finally, I'd like you to complete the possessive nouns page.

Mrs. Harvey

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Today's homework:
Spelling activity

book orders
free share
clothes order
December 5, 2017
F day

Happy Half Day!

As usual, I will try to cram as much into our 1/2 day as possible!  Please move your stick to bringing and wash your hands.  Then you should update your Reading Status.  Once that is done, please add a sentence to the easel using your name that demonstrates your knowledge of possessives.

Mrs. Harvey

Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4, 2017
E day

Hello Students,

I am glad you're here today!  I hope your weekend was terrific!  Please order your lunch and wash your hands.  Next, you should get right down to business!
1.  Read the new poem
2.  Complete page A16 in your Map Skills packet
3.  Shop for Non-fiction books.  Try to pick two books that look interesting to you!

__Jackson_____, _________ and __________ will share.

Mrs. Harvey

Friday, December 1, 2017

Today's homework:
Share poetry folder
return reading slip
study for SS test

instrument lessons
December 1, 2017
D day

Happy December,

It is an exciting time of year for many.  I look forward to spending this Christmas season with all of you.  Please order your lunch and wash your hands.  You should also turn in your spelling activity.

I'd like you to make sure your List of Books Read is current.  Be sure to have the title, author and number of pages.  Once that is set, please get your ipad and take a picture of what you learned this week.

__Brendan_______, _Claire__________ and __Hagan__________ will share.

Mrs. Harvey

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Today's homework:
Spelling activity
Study for SS test

Math club
SSS form
bring item to share
November 30, 2017
C day

Hello 1/2 Dayers,

Today will be a fast but fun day.  You will begin your day with a Sing-a-long rehearsal.  After that, you can show me your skills with mulitplying larger numbers.  We will end with some writing time.

_____Avery___, __Bella Grabski_____ and _Jordan ______ will share.

Please move your stick to bringing and wash your hands.  Then, you should update your reading status and make sure your List of Books Read is up to date.  Tomorrow is December 1st so I'll be checking your list then!

Mrs. Harvey

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tonight's homework:
Spelling activity
study for SS test (Monday)
1/2 day tomorrow

return rc envelope
bring item to share
math club
return SSS form
November 29, 2017
B day

Hello Non-Fiction readers,

Today, we will get a chance to do some Non-fiction reading. I am excited to start this venture with you.

Please order your lunch, wash your hands and turn in your spelling.  Next, you should update your reading status.  When that is done, you should finish up your fact sack.  Be sure to add color and illustrations.

Mrs. Harvey

_Kaitlin __________, ___Ben_________ and ____LAELA________ will share today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Today's homework:
Spelling activity

bring an item to share
return SSS form
November 28, 2017
A day

Good morning,

How are you today?  I look forward to learning with you.  Please order your lunch and wash your hands.  Next, you should update your reading status.  Finally, please complete Quick Check 5-4 in your Math packet.
Gianna Davoli______, __Emma Beyer________ and ____Alex____ will share today.

Mrs. Harvey

Monday, November 27, 2017

Iroquois Hunting Lodge Poetry

After spending a day in the woods, Mrs. Harvey's students wrote an acrostic poem documenting their experience.   Please enjoy those poems and some pictures below!    
Having fun matters when you’re making a hunting lodge
Using our imaginations to pretend we are Native Americans
No other days will compare so good to this day
The hunting lodge is good to hunt for food
Iroquois are still here in this world
Native Americans never complained when they were working
Great listening appeared when Grizzly taught us about The Peace Maker

Little kids lasted 5 hours of non-stup running around
Once again we learned that we have a great attitude
Daybreaks barely every happened with the Native Americans
Goodness gracious I would not personally like to be a Native American
Everybody now know that distraction was not a thing back then.

By Claire
Hats on people
Under the immense trees
Nuts everywhere on the ground
The whale watcher
In the awesome woods
Not taking any breaks
Great lodge because it wasn’t too cold

Lucky time for us
Outside in the woods
During the day
Games like Double Ball and Catch the      
       Rabbit help the Iroquois
Excellent time outside

By Ben
                       Hard workers
Using their hands
Native Americans worked hard
Tenacity to never stop building
Into building
Not an easy job
Great at Hunting

Learning from their mistakes
Once lived by the school
Delicious dinner
Good at surviving
Everyone is caring

By Avery

Have a great learning experience                                        Having fun with friends
Under a pile of leaves                                                         Under the warmth of the lodge
Never ending singing                                                          Nuts on the ground
Too much cold air                                                               The leaves catch the rain water
I got really dirty from picking up leaves                             In the woods
Not too many animals seen (except fish)                            Nice and warm inside the lodge
Giggling while singing a working song                              Going outside

Lots of leaves, logs and lodges                                           Lots of fun
Once in a lifetime experience                                             Outside picking up leaves
Dead trees were everywhere                                               Doing "Chase the Rabbit"
Green in a lot of places                                                       Great big lodge
Everyone helped a lot.                                                         Exciting time going into the lodge

by Bella                                                                               by Sophia

How the Native Americans got messages when they were under attack
Using all the parts of the animal they killed
Never mess around in their culture if you're a boy or you'll have water dumped on your head
The tribes are mighty warriors
In their culture, a boy becomes a man when he turns nine
Never leave a man behind in battle or in general
Girls become women when they are married

Lodges are to easy to build and they should be able to fit your whole party
Only one person can be the chief out of the whole tribe
Do not interrupt a story teller when telling a story or they will start all over again or walk away
Girls settle arguments by tribes playing Double Ball
Everybody in the tribe has an important call to fill in

By Laela

oUr class learned
  Native Americans are awesome and strong
  Tribes: Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga and Mohawk
  It is not easy to pick up leaves
  Not very hard to play double ball
  Games like "Chase the Rabbit"                               Having lots of fun
                                                                                   Under lots of trees
 Lodge is what we built                                             Nice and warm
 Oneida was one of the smallish tribes                     Touching stuff the Native Americans made
 Don't say the Iroquois are not strong                       In a long house we made
 Games like Double Ball                                           Naming all the tribes
 Easy to learn SCOOM                                              Games like Double Ball and Chase the Rabbit  
By Emma                                                                  Long Houses are huge
                                                                                  Onondaga, Onieda, Seneca, Mohawk and Cayuga
                                                                                  Double Ball is used to solve conflicts
                                                                                  Girls do a lot in the tribe
                                                                                   End of the trip on the bus

                                                                                  By Gianna